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I had a distance healing from Ekaterina after hearing about her through friends.

I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.

The healing went deeper than I had imagined and the written report was detailed and also contained more than expected.

In short, the whole procedure far exceeded expectations and I would happily recommend Ekaterina, whom I have found to be very sincere and keen to help.

(I have since gone on to do Reiki 1 & 2 with Ekaterina as well.) 



During a debilitating struggle with chronic fatigue and long COVID, I tried many different mainstream and alternative therapies. Some moderately helpful, others not so positive.

Working with Ekaterina was the breakthrough which turned things around and brought me back to normality and health.

The healing techniques she uses are deep and powerful - and the results speak for themselves.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. 



I have really valued all your support and wisdom, and providing me the space  to connect with my spirituality.  It has allowed me to be a better partner and a better father.

Thank you for your kindness.



Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me - it had made a profound difference to the way I see myself and the world. Keep shining your light, you truly are amazing!



Thank you so much for    believing in me and my power. Thank you for opening me to a whole new world.

Thank you for sharing your magic with me. Thank you for helping me in starting my healing journey.



I wanted to thank you for my healing session. The shift has been profound for me and in all areas of life including work. I am so grateful for this.



I have had an amazing shift from one distance healing session - her wisdom and ability to share the insight from my spiritual guides to heal and encourage me on my life journey was so powerful. I feel this sense of acceptance and knowing that I am on the right path. 
Ekaterina has an incredible gift and I will be forever grateful for our paths aligning.


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