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Rare watermelon tourmaline necklace.

Heart healing and protection from negativity.

Lobster clasp. Extension chain. Oval 7mm and faceted 3mm pink tourmaline beads.

Length 50cm + extension chain.


Tourmaline is a powerful calming stone that will help you to relieve stress and find harmony and balance. It improves your social skills, enhancing your ability of listening and understanding others, and stimulates your friendships and romantic relationship. It brings you kindness, sympathy and sense of love and relaxation. Tourmaline alleviates fears and provides courage and inner-strength to overcome any problems you might face. Tourmaline is a protective stone that dispels negativity and helps dealing with difficult and negative people around you. Physically, tourmaline brings vitality and stamina. It strengthens the nervous, blood and lymphatic systems, heals skin disorders and is very beneficial for relieving migraines and headaches. It also assists in weight loss and cleansing the body.


Reiki charged with the intention for protection and healing.

Watermelon tourmaline necklace

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