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Rare, stunning chrysoprase! Amazing colour!

A powerful Heart healer.


Chrysoprase is believed to be a sacred stone of Aphrodite in Greek mythology. It is also often called the “Australian jade”. But it is more known for its powerful healing properties that would benefit any person that wears it.


Chrysoprase is a strong emotional healer. It heals the heart chakra and brings one’s emotions in balance by either calming overflowing emotions and anxiety or by letting you open your heart to others and finding love and kindness within yourself. 


The stone of growth and nature, chrysoprase will reconnect you with the mother Earth if you are seeking this and get you more grounded. The energy of this stone soothes and heals like as it comes from nature itself.


Chrysoprase is a wonderful calming and healing stone for anyone who goes through changes in life, emotional roller coaster, emotional and spiritual growth or emotionally difficult times. It gives the wearer the ability to see clearly through a net of troubles and think logically in any situation. People would be drawn to you as the most rational and calm person around. Through this, you might find that you social connections, communication, personal and work life improved and more great opportunities might come into your life. 


Physically chrysoprase is beneficial for treating eye problems, improving liver function, increasing fertility, balancing hormones, heart problems, arthritis and rheumatism, improving digestion and detoxification. It also promotes relaxation and chases away nightmares.


May this necklace bring you joy and happiness!


Necklace length 43cm plus 5cm extension chain. 5-6mm rondelle beads.


Reiki charged 💜

Stunning chrysoprase necklace

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