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Bright and happy necklace with black Baltic amber and red-orange gemstones Baltic amber in this necklace promote healing, calming and grounding. In contact with skin amber warms up and releases succinic acid, which is believed to have pain-relieving, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Amber is also good for reducing stress and anxiety. Sunstone carries the energy of the Sun and makes the individuality of its wearer to come out and shine! It restores ones strength, nurtures and brings back the joy of life. Sunstone makes everything look more positive. It repels negativity and sad emotions. It heals emotional traumas and will help little one not to feel abandoned in separation with his/her mother. It is very good for developing child’s independence and self-confidence. Aventurine heals nervous system, aids with good sleep and sinus problems and will be helpful with allergies. It brings calm and balance and boosts joy and happiness. Helps develop child’s inner confidence. It also protects against electromagnetic energy and environmental pollution. Carnelian helps little ones to deal with food allergies, promotes better metabolism, vitamins and nutrients absorption. It also helps kids develop individuality, creativity and good memory. Goldstone is a powerful healer and protection stone. It helps in staying calm, patient and focused, and achieving goals. Goldstone assists its wearer in dealing with upsetting emotions. It is a stone of cheerfulness and trust. Jasper assists in building a child's confidence and heals emotional wounds. Very good for separation anxiety. It is also a stone of vibrancy and endurance. It promotes physical strength and vitality and speeds up recovery during illness. Red coral has always been considered as a protective amulet for a newborn. It also helps building up a good relationship between a mother and a daughter. Red coral helps young babies with colics and hiccups and is also good for strengthening bones, circulatory issues in children and supporting nervous system. Emotionally, red coral chases away anxiety and promotes healing. It helps a child to develop diplomacy and gain knowledge. May this necklace bring your precious baby comfort and joy!

Necklace with red and orange stones

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$30.00Sale Price
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