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Necklace with blue lace agate and freshwater pearls


An exquisite piece. Very feminine and beautiful.


Necklace length 50cm. Plastic screw clasp.


With its angelic-blue soft colour and lacey, feathery patterns, blue lace agate will certainly bring you the vibration of love and support of your angelic guides.

Blue lace agate is a calming stone that lessens nervousness and brings the wearer encouragement and support. Blue lace agate activates the throat chakra and is considered to be a stone of communication. It assists communicating difficult issues and solving conflicts, enhances public speaking, smooth discussions and better expressing yourself both orally and in writing. Believed to be helpful in connecting with higher spirits, blue lace agate strengthens intuition and inner knowing. This stone is a stone of protection. It also carries tranquil energy and promotes happiness and harmony. Helps with anger issues. Physically, blue lace agate is beneficial for treating joint problems, arthritis, headaches, throat and immune system issues, digestive problems, skin (especially eczema), and speech problems.


Pearls symbolise purity, femininity, divine beauty and your inner goddess. They bring their wearer calm, focus, wealth, fortune and good health.


May this necklace bring you joy and the magic of gemstones!

Necklace with blue lace agate and pearls

$40.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
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