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Necklace with Baltic amber, pink agate and rainbow moonstone
Round beads diameter 6mm. Barrel screw clasp.
Baltic amber provides wonderful healing, calming and grounding effects. In contact with skin amber warms up and releases succinic acid, which is believed to be pain-relieving and soothing (so helpful for teething babies). Amber is believed to draw the disease out of the body. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive vibes that help the body heal itself. Amber serves as a good psychic protection shield. Amber also reduces stress, anxiety (including separation anxiety) and depression.
Rainbow moonstone, playing with its colours in the daylight and shining from within, is the most feminine stone and will guide your girl in her development. It symbolises the Moon Goddess and is strongly connected to the moon. It stimulates confidence and self-composure, balances and calms emotions, bringing them under control. It is used to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. It provides deep emotional healing, helps with stress and anxiety, improves sleep. Moonstone is also a talisman of love. It has soothing and calming effect on the wearer. Brings feelings of protection, safety and peace, alleviates fears and tension.
Pink agate is a great calming, grounding and stabilising stone. It protects the wearer and brings the sense of harmony and feeling of being loved. It is associated with throat chakra and helps with breathing problems.
May this necklace bring joy, happiness and physical and emotional comfort to your little girl!

Necklace with amber, pink agate and rainbow moonstone

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