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“Nature’s peace” necklace


Polished cognac Baltic amber, natural malachite, green aventurine, chrysocolla, zoisite and green agate.

Barrel screw clasp, green cord.


What a gorgeous little necklace! Green gemstones here symbolise tranquillity and peace of nature. Green is the colour of energy, renewal, new life, growth and new beginnings. It also brings calm, peace, emotional balance and is very nourishing for good health. Different hues of green in this necklace are especially good for enhancing healing energy from the Mother Nature. This necklace will work well for those babies who are facing changes in their life or environment and need a bit of help to adjust, calm down and heal emotionally.


Malachite in this necklace will bring emotional balance, alleviate stress and anxiety, clear negativity and create inner peace. It also supports immune system and is a powerful protection stone.


Green aventurine heals nervous system, aids with good sleep and sinus problems and will be helpful with allergies. It brings calm and balance and boosts joy and happiness. It also protects against electromagnetic energy and environmental pollution.


Chrysocolla has a powerful emotional balancing effect and is considered a 'stone of harmony'. It assists in chasing away fears, nightmares, anxiety and depression. Chrysocolla also supports the larynx and helps treating hip joint issues.


Green agate is a great calming, grounding and stabilising stone. It protects the wearer and brings the sense of harmony and feeling of being loved.


Zoisite transforms negative energy into positive vibes, promotes trust in the goodness in life, releases fears and brings general happiness to the wearer. It helps releasing supressed emotions and letting go. Encourages healing after a severe illness or big stress. It is believed to reduce inflammation, support immune system, cell regeneration, and detoxification. It is beneficial for heart and reproductive organs.


Baltic amber is well-known for its healing, calming and grounding properties. In contact with skin amber warms up and releases succinic acid, which is believed to have pain-relieving, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and is especially helpful in teething babies. Amber is also good for reducing stress and anxiety.


May this necklace bring your little one emotional and physical comfort, joy and happiness!

“Nature’s peace” necklace

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