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“My Princess” knotted necklace


Polished dark cherry Baltic amber, pink agate, garnet and plum jade.

Safe barrel screw clasp and bright pink cord. Beads diameter 6mm. 


Baltic amber provides wonderful healing, calming and grounding effects. It was purposefully placed around the neck in this necklace to promote the skin contact. In contact with skin amber warms up and releases succinic acid, which is believed to be pain-relieving and soothing (so helpful for teething babies). Amber is believed to draw the disease out of the body. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive vibes that help the body heal itself. Amber serves as a good psychic protection shield. Amber also reduces stress, anxiety (including separation anxiety) and depression.


Jade is a stone for children protection and is an excellent soother of emotions; it balances nerves, brings calm, luck and longevity. It aids digestion and helps with constipation, infections and hips and joints problems. Also supports immune system function.


Agates are powerful protecting and calming stones. They help ground and stabilise emotions and physical energy. Very soothing, these earthy healers bring physical strength and enhance mental function. Assist against nightmares, breathing problems, fevers and anxiety. Agate is good for students to boost intellect, analytical abilities and enhance creativity. These stones bring harmony, confidence, sense of safety and security, dissolve inner tension and heal emotional traumas.


Garnet is one of the most ancient gemstone talismans. Grounding and earthy, it is also the stone of health and stamina, love and passion. It is energizing and protecting. Garnet brings self-confidence, courage and harmony of emotions. Garnet regenerates the body, heals wounds, purifies blood and enhances metabolism. Beneficial for heart and lung problems, joint and spinal disorders. Assists in absorption of minerals and vitamins. A great stone to relieve fears and alleviate bad dreams.


With this great combination of gemstones this necklace will support emotional and physical growth of your beautiful girl and will become her healing and protecting talisman.

“My Princess” knotted necklace

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