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Feminine and gorgeous Mala bracelet with moonstone, citrine and amethyst 6mm gemstone beads. Tibetan silver Lotus charm. Moonstone is a 'feminine' stone. It helps with hormonal problems, menstrual problems, PMS and assists with conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Moonstone is also a talisman of love. It has soothing and calming effect on the wearer. Brings feelings of protection, safety and peace. It stimulates confidence and self-composure, balances emotions, bringing them under control. Amethyst is a well-known healing stone and is especially helpful with PMS and chronic fatigue. It chases away nightmares, helps with insomnia and improves sleep. Amethyst brings peace, calm and balance of emotions. It is also effective in removing negative emotional programming, even from the previous generations. Citrine is a very energising stone that brings wealth and abundance. It protects against negative energy, promotes calm and wisdom. It is very beneficial for self-esteem, self-expression and confidence. Brings optimism and chases away fears and depression. Helps with spleen, digestion, thyroid and pancreas problems, skin irritations and detoxification. Peace and joy to you!

Mala bracelet with moonstone and amethyst

$21.00 Regular Price
$20.37Sale Price
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