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Knotted gemstone “Mama-necklace” 


Safe barrel screw clasp. Each bead is individually knotted. Round beads diameter 6mm.


This necklace contains the great combination of gemstones for a woman and a mother. Wonderful necklace to wear every day – for conception, fertility and starting a family, throughout pregnancy, during birth and beyond.


The gemstones used: cognac Baltic amber around the neck and intermittent lemon amber beads for pain relief, soothing, calming and healing.


Carnelian for fertility and conception. Also for relieving fears in pregnancy and childbirth.


Lapis lazuli for reducing physical stress during pregnancy and birth. It brings peace and harmony, awakens the goddess within a woman and enhances her intuition.


Pink agate to stabilise and calm the emotions, bring focus and grounding.


Moss agate for protection of the mother and unborn child.


Chrysocolla, an anti-stress gemstone, for pain-relieving effect, preventing miscarriage and protection during pregnancy and birth.


Malachite, the midwives’ stone, for effective contractions and safe and easy birth. It cleanses the emotions and memories of the past, alleviating previous births’ traumas and fears releasing tension and pain in labour.


Rose quartz for healthy pregnancy and birth, feeling of being loved and cared for, for bonding with baby and successful breastfeeding.


Unakite for healthy pregnancy and well-being of the unborn baby. It assists in the birth process and eases transition.


Gorgeous piece for yourself or as a gift…

Knotted "Mama-necklace"

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