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"Goddess" necklace with lapis lazuli.


Necklace length 68cm plus pendant 7cm.

Beads diameter 10mm, 8mm and 6mm.


Lapis lazuli enhances personal and spiritual power. Being a very protective stone, it repels negative energy, reverses curses and diseases. It brings peace and harmony of body, mind, emotions and spirit, awakens the goddess within a woman and enhances her intuition. Helps dealing with conflicts, releasing anger and expressing your opinions. The royal stone, lapis lazuli was believed to hide inside the souls of gods, bring immortality and open the heart to love. Physically, it is beneficial for immune system, thyroid, throat and respiratory system, blood pressure, hearing and migraines. Lapis lazuli helps against anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.


Reiki charged and infused with love and healing energy 💙🌠

"Goddess" necklace with lapis lazuli

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