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"Free Spirit" knotted necklace with amethyst, turquoise, lime jade and Baltic amber


Necklace length 35cm. Barrel screw clasp. Bright lime-green cord.


This necklace will be perfect for a child with an electric personality, a true free spirit, who loves to explore and be independent. The energy of the stones in this necklace will support and protect him or her in their endeavours of life. Alternatively, this necklace will be beneficial if you would like your child to develop and strengthen those qualities.


Baltic amber provides wonderful healing, calming and grounding effects. In contact with skin amber warms up and releases succinic acid, which is believed to be pain-relieving and soothing (so helpful for teething babies). Amber is believed to draw the disease out of the body. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive vibes that help the body heal itself. Amber serves as a good psychic protection shield. Amber also reduces stress, anxiety (including separation anxiety) and depression.


Amethyst, the master-healer stone, chases away nightmares, helps with insomnia and improves sleep. It brings peace, calm and balance of emotions, removes negative energy. Amethyst is very good for big transitions in life and helps a child settle in a new environment or adjust to new people.


Jade will soothe the emotions, bring calm and inner balance. It aids digestion and helps with constipation, infections and hips and joints problems. Jade supports immune system function. It is also a wonderful stone for children protection.


Turquoise has powerful healing energy, providing both spiritual and physical well-being and is a wonderful protection stone. It alleviates depression and stress and has an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect. Immune-boosting.


May this necklace bring joy and happiness to your little one!

"Free Spirit" necklace

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