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Knotted gemstone bracelet/anklet for a colicky baby boy

Length 14cm. Barrel screw clasp.
Blue amazonite, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli and dark cherry Baltic amber.

The stones in this bracelet are specifically chosen to help against colics, gas and to improve digestion.
Baltic amber provides wonderful healing, calming and grounding effects. In contact with skin amber warms up and releases succinic acid, which is believed to be pain-relieving and soothing (so helpful for teething babies). Amber is believed to draw the disease out of the body. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive vibes that help the body heal itself. Amber serves as a good psychic protection shield. Amber also reduces stress, anxiety (including separation anxiety) and depression.
Blue amazonite assist with communication and self-expression, brings calm and helps building self-esteem. It assists in healing after emotional traumas and in fighting with anxiety and fears. Amazonite is very beneficial for nervous system, thyroid, strong bones and calcium absorption.  It is also good for treating eczema and colics. In addition, it absorbs electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, microwaves and other devices that is so harmful for our health.
Blue lace agate is especially good for protection of children, while at the same time bringing the wearer encouragement and support. It helps a child to express his/her feelings without getting upset and brings inner stability. Blue lace agate is beneficial for babies with colics; it assists with strengthening skeletal system, throat and neck problems and calms the nerves.
Lapis lazuli helps with throat, ears and nose problems, regulates thyroid, strengthens immune system and enhances circulation. It also drives away fears and anxiety, alleviates pain and aids the process of learning. Immune-boosting.
May this bracelet bring joy, happiness and physical and emotional comfort to your little one!

Bracelet/anklet for a colicky baby (boy)

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