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“Blue Sky” knotted necklace

Polished lemon Baltic amber, blue turquoise, amazonite, blue lace agate and blue striped agate. Turquoise screw clasp and light blue cord. 

This beautiful necklace is made in the hues of blue with contrasting brightness and shine of polished lemon amber. Just like the sun in the blue sky! The colour of blue brings the sense of peace, relaxation and healing. The properties of the gemstones in the necklace enhance this effect even more. 

Baltic amber is well-known for its healing, calming and grounding properties. In contact with skin amber warms up and releases succinic acid, which is believed to have pain-relieving, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and is especially helpful in teething babies. Amber is also good for reducing stress and anxiety.

Blue stripe agate is a great calming, grounding and stabilising stone. It protects the wearer and brings the sense of harmony and feeling of being loved. It is associated with throat chakra and helps with breathing problems.

Turquoise has powerful healing energy, providing both spiritual and physical well-being and is a wonderful protection stone. It alleviates depression and stress and is anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting. It also helps against allergies and respiratory system problems.

Blue lace agate is especially good for protection of children, while at the same time bringing the wearer encouragement and support. It helps a child to express his/her feelings without getting upset and brings inner stability. Blue lace agate is beneficial for babies with colics; it assists with strengthening skeletal system, throat and neck problems and calms the nerves.

Blue amazonite assist with communication and self-expression, brings calm and helps building self-esteem. It assists in healing after emotional traumas and is good for treating eczema and colics.

May this necklace bring your little one emotional and physical comfort, joy and happiness!

“Blue Sky” necklace

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