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Birthing necklace do-it-yourself kit. Perfect for mother blessings or for making your own special necklace. Included: gift poach, 27 large 8mm gemstone beads, 1m cord and a lobster clasp. Making a birthing necklace is becoming a beautiful activity at mother blessings and baby showers. These gorgeous healing beads will be a great basis for creating a unique necklace. Just add your special beads and your own creativity. Look at an example of a birthing necklace in the pictures or follow the link to purchase one.


Rose quartz, white chalcedony, rainbow moonstone, moss agate, amethyst, pink agate, red coral, unakite, Baltic amber.


These gemstones create a powerful calming, grounding and healing combination. Perfect for restoring inner balance and peace. Beneficial for better sleep and protection from negativity.


Baltic amber is well-known for its healing, calming and grounding properties. It also reduces stress, anxiety and depression.


Pink agate to stabilise and calm the emotions, bring focus and grounding.


Moss agate for protection of the mother and unborn child.

Rose quartz for healthy pregnancy and birth, feeling of being loved and cared for, for bonding with baby and successful breastfeeding.


Unakite for healthy pregnancy and well-being of the unborn baby. It assists in the birth process and eases transition.

White chalcedony and rose quartz to aid breastfeeding and mother and baby bonding.


Red coral is believed to be a traditional talisman for a pregnant woman; it assists with fertility, conception, healthy pregnancy and protects mother and the baby.


Amethyst, apart from its powerful healing properties and protection from negative emotions and negativity of others, brings pain relief and prevents miscarriage.


Moonstone is also a talisman of love. It has soothing and calming effect on the wearer. Brings feelings of protection, safety and peace, alleviates fears and tension in labour. It stimulates confidence and self-composure, balances emotions, bringing them under control. It is also believed to stimulate effective contractions and promote breastfeeding.


May these stones help you achieve an empowering and joyful birth!

Birthing necklace mother blessing kit

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