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Anti-stress and emotional balance ladies knotted gemstone necklace
Safe barrel screw clasp, round beads diameter 6mm. Necklace length 52cm.
Gemstones used: large 8mm cognac Baltic amber, black obsidian, citrine, blue lace agate and rose quartz.
The gemstones in this necklace create a powerful calming, grounding and healing combination.


Baltic amber provides wonderful healing, calming and grounding effects. In contact with skin amber warms up and releases succinic acid, which is believed to be pain-relieving and soothing. Amber is believed to draw the disease out of the body. For a mother, Baltic amber will assist in birth and post-partum bringing pain relief, quicker recovery, soothing, calming and healing effect. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive vibes that help the body heal itself. Amber serves as a good psychic protection shield. Amber also reduces stress, anxiety and depression and enhances patience and wisdom.


Amethyst will create for you psychological protection and block negative energy of all sorts. It is also effective in removing negative emotional programming, even from the previous generations. This stone chases away nightmares, helps with insomnia and improves sleep. Amethyst brings peace, calm and balance of emotions. It brings emotional stability and connection to your inner self. Amethyst is a master-healer stone. It also alleviates pain, releases tension and also boosts the immune-system.


Citrine is a very energising stone that brings wealth and abundance. It protects against negative energy, promotes calm and wisdom. It is very beneficial for self-esteem, self-expression and confidence. Brings optimism and chases away fears and depression. Helps with spleen, digestion, thyroid and pancreas problems, skin irritations and detoxification. Immune-boosting.


Obsidians are powerful protection stones that block psychic attacks and negative spiritual energies. These stones also shield against negativity by grounding negative emotions of the wearer into the earth.


Blue lace agate is a calming stone that lessens nervousness and brings the wearer encouragement and support. Blue lace agate activates the throat chakra and is considered to be a stone of communication. It assists communicating difficult issues and solving conflicts, enhances public speaking, smooth discussions and better expressing yourself both orally and in writing. Believed to be helpful in connecting with higher spirits, blue lace agate strengthens intuition and inner knowing. This stone is a stone of protection. It also carries tranquil energy and promotes happiness and harmony. Helps with anger issues. Physically, blue lace agate is beneficial for treating joint problems, arthritis, headaches, throat and immune system issues, digestive problems, skin (especially eczema), and speech problems.


Rose Quartz is a healer of inner wounds. It alleviates fears and sorrows, brings the feeling of emotional comfort, inner nourishment and wellbeing and enhances the ability to give and receive love. It stimulates heart and circulatory system function and heals the kidneys, adrenals, chest and lung problems. Rose quartz is a well-known 'love' stone; it brings loving vibes. For mothers, it promotes mother and baby's bonding and successful breastfeeding. This stone is especially supportive of the female reproductive system, the genitals and for increase in fertility. It assists in alleviating sexual difficulties, post-partum depression, is protective during pregnancy and birth and is thought to help mothers heal after complicated births. Rose quartz symbolises unconditional love – mother’s love.

May this necklace bring you peace and joy!

Emotional balance knotted gemstone necklace

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