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Ammonite, peridot and lime-green quartz necklace.


Necklace length 48cm plus 5cm drop ammonite pendant. 5mm peridot beads, freeform green quartz chip-beads. Natural ammonite fossil.


Green gemstones here symbolise tranquillity and peace of nature. Green is the colour of energy, renewal, new life, growth and new beginnings. It also brings calm, peace, emotional balance and is very nourishing for good health.


Quartz shields negative energy and brings protection. This stone aids with any ailment, improves energy, stamina and strength and also reduces chronic fatigue and relieves stress.


Peridot is especially good for emotional healing, bringing the sense of warmth, inner happiness and joy. It improves general well-being, balances endocrine system and assists with digestion and nutrients absorption. It is a great stone to overcome anxiety and emotional traumas.


Ammonites are channels of positive energy and good change. They connect the wearer to their ancestors and wisdom of the Earth, propelling one in their spiritual awakening.


A truly magical talisman to wear! Reiki charged, made with Love.

Ammonite and peridot necklace

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